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I have never seen anything like this in my more than 10 years in network marketing space.

After struggling for years to grow our business and the frustration of seeing people not winning… this is the answer.

LifeVantage’s amazing products, winning compensation plan, combined with Team Heart’s System, Leadership & Culture is like having the best of both worlds!

What else can you ask for?

This is a life changing opportunity.

Jasper and Stutz C

Professional Networker

Before joining LifeVantage, I was with another company for almost 10 years.

I was already successful but I saw the pioneering opportunity with LifeVantage opening in the Philippines.

First, I saw how powerful the products then the generous compensation plan. But what got me really is the system and the calibre of the leadership.

As a professional network marketer, I know that it doesn’t matter how good the products and the pay plan, if it’s not driven by a good system and leaders who know what they are doing, members won’t reach their full potential. So happy to be part of Team Heart Global.

Jeffrey R.

Professional Networker

I have been in Network marketing for over 7 years with 2 Companies. I see this industry as my vehicle to be able to help my family.

LifeVantage came into my life at the right time. I am so glad that I jumped on board one month after the launch here in the Philippines.

We have so many leaders on board and I am very excited for the future.

Jun A.

Professional Networker

LifeVantage has created so many doors of opportunities for growth.

A good platform that allows you to create a community that is passionate in making a big impact to the lives of many in terms of providing extraordinary breakthrough products & offers a source of income especially here in the Philippines.

It’s a privilege to be a part of a company that allows every distributor like me a chance to lead, uplift and inspire people.

Drei J.

When I saw LifeVantage, I was in a situation where my company was shut down and income turned off overnight due to lockdowns.  I was running out of options and on the verge of selling my home to regain funds and make my next move.

The LifeVantage opportunity became a beacon of hope and a light towards a great future.

The Team Heart Success Path and leadership that we have gave me more confidence in sharing this opportunity to more people because of what we have to offer. The system has allowed many of our team members to win.

I am confident that Lifevantage will change many peoples lives here in the Philippines and around the world.

Jay A.


Before joining LifeVantage, I was building another company fulltime.

The Team Heart system has allowed us to build a team of hundreds of new teammies in just two months.

These won’t be possible without Team Heart’s world class leadership and development programs. We have a proven turnkey system all done for you. At a click of our finger tips we can maximize online training portal to facilitate duplication and fast growth.

I believe that our success in entrepreneurship is based on the number of problems we solved, the number of lives we changed, and the impact we made to uplift others. I thank God for making all things possible and for bringing me to the right opportunity, to the right team at the right time.

Geraldine G.

Professional Networker

I will be forever grateful for this life changing opportunity. LifeVantage was a hope broker for me.

Before I met LV, I was depressed because of my financial situation. Now, I’m very much excited for what’s to come! Product is second to none, Compensation plan is so generous, company is stable, system already in place! And wait there’s more, Leaders are top-notch! They are leading with heart.

I’m so looking forward for a leveraged income! Early retirement from work and building generational wealth. So excited!

Anne D.


As a License Pharmacist, when I first heared about LifeVantage, I was not aware of the Incredible products that they have.

When I found out about Protandim NRF2 and NRF1 – I reached out to my (now) enroller for more information. I was blown away by the technology of it. And fell in love with the product.

As a healthcare practitioner I know the value of Protandim can be a game changer in our health – at the same time the opportunity that it can give to many people’s lives. This is why I partnered with LifeVantage.

Extraordinary products, great company, amazing leaders , selfless and caring people, the culture and the love that they give to each and everyone.

Jonathan & Rhcquel U.


I joined Lifevantage November 22,2021. Before joining LifeVantage, I was posting my house for sale because pandemic hit us hard! But everytime there’s an offer, my heart breaks because my house is my first investment and I don’t want to let it go.

Then an answered prayer came, LifeVantage was introduced to me! I worked hard right away and hit PRO3 in 6-days and experienced my first income! Unbelievable! Now, with the right team (TEAM HEART), the right system and leaders that surrounds me, I can massively share this businessto all people who are struggling financially.

And my passion for sharing the product is unquestionable because it helped mother. She has Dementia, unbelievable results from Mama is my real story.

Mariecel L.

LifeVantage came to us at the right time when we were struggling in our previous company and we had a very big debt to pay.

Now we are growing our team here in the Philippines and we are able to help so many people like us. The system we have in Team Heart has allowed us to create better duplication in the team and helping people to win.

We are so excited to be part of this fast growing company and we are looking forward to helping more Filipinos to be healthier, to earn additional or full time income. We see a very bright future.

Bong & Ludy D.

Professor and Baker

Being in this company is the sensible decision we have as a couple. Amazing products we have ever known. Love it all! We had an excellent result for ALL our family and friends. More energy, better sleep, feeling better than we were a lot younger! Exceptional products as all backed by peer-reviewed published studies, and that work!

Also, LifeVantage is the perfect avenue for the various generation of entrepreneurs who wants to have a business off the ground. With the right amount of effort, love, and commitment to the business – huge commissions, travels and a lot of incentives we’ve experienced and others will surely experience here.

Finally, being part of Team Heart, with all the team business mentors and leaders’ support and training, experiencing the System we have, we feel that we are on top of the world. We feel INCREDIBLE, MOTIVATED, EMPOWERED. We are the master of our destiny. So glad we said yes to LifeVantage and Team Heart!

Mark & Aura D. R.

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