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Prior to becoming a full time Network Marketing professional I was living the life many of us are familiar with today – A stressed out working parent!

LifeVantage has provided me with the career and income I had always wanted but in a way that is a lot less stressful. I am now able to fit work in around my life, not the other way around.

Being a LifeVantage Distributor has created a whole new career path for me to peruse and thrive in as an. The best part is I now get to help others on create their own journey here with Team Heart.

Lisa P

Former Medical Sales Rep

When I first came across LifeVantage, I was at a point in my career when I wanted more: more time; more fun; and more support. 

The idea of being part of a tribe who had my back while I worked with a clinically proven product which was both unique and universal was too attractive to miss!

The corporate structure, the heart centred leadership and the training on offer were the icing on the cake and I jumped in. Fast forward a few years and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken.

Philippa T.

PR Consultant

Before Lifevantage I just came back from travelling South America with my fiancee. I had left my engineering job in Germany to move to Ireland, study nutrition and alternative health and live life a bit differently.

I saw the timing of being on the ground floor in Europe and never looked back. My first five years with Team Heart have been some of the most rewarding years of my life.

Every month I learn, grow and earn passive income and I have the flexibility to choose when, where and with who I work. This summer I will travel for free Croatia on an all-paid exclusive trip with LifeVantage. Need I say more?

Brian M.

Holistic Health Expert + Former Enguineer

One goal I always had was never to retire on a state pension.

Since joining Lifevantage this dream has come true for me. I have built this business and a nice part time income that subsidises the luxuries and the extras in life that make a huge difference.

It has supported me through the last 2 years of restrictions when my holistic work was paused.

It  enables me to treat my grandchildren, spend a lot more time with them and enjoy my family without financial worries. Joining with this company has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, I can hardly wait to see how far it takes me .

Eileen T.

Energy Healer

When I joined LifeVantage I had never had much success with network marketing and was a struggling single mum.

However due to my own product testimonial, I found it easy to share and to build a team within Team Heart. Soon I was earning the trips of a lifetime and able to take my kids with me to places such as the Bahamas.

It has given me the freedom to be available for my children and to design my own days as I see fit. As a former teacher where I felt trapped in a classroom this has given me a great sense of freedom. I love being a part of the team who feel like family to me now.

Jo L.

Former Teacher

Starting my independent distributorship with LifeVantage and Team Heart has been the smartest decision I’ve ever made.

Throughout the recent pandemic I’ve felt the peace of mind of knowing our mortgage payment was covered every single month from my unilevel commission earnings from my customers’ repeat orders.

Imagine how blessed I feel knowing that whatever happens to my plan A, I have found a solid dependable, rewarding plan B.

With Team Heart, we may all each have our own businesses but we build together in a community of life-minded, values-driven heart-centred humans who have each other’s backs.

Brett D.

Aviation Risk Consultant

When I joined LifeVantage I didn’t know how much I needed it.

I was working 9-5 as a teacher and doing gigs and rehearsals in my time off.  My body was tired and I was broke.

The products, leadership, systems and the community are why I love Team Heart.

Now I only have to work two days a week in my job. It is my dream to retire forever from teaching and to move out of city and with what we have here, that is more than possible.

Dan S.


Since 2016 LifeVantage has introduced me to some of the most amazing people I’ve ever come across!

Doctors, business owners, alternative health professionals, stay at home mums, teachers, all of these people have something in common – they care about health and helping others. These amazing people have become my friends as well as business partners.

Team Heart and LifeVantage has enabled me to build a full time income on part time hours from home around my property business and my 3 children. It’s meant I’ve not missed out on the kids lives as I’ve been able to make all their school performances and sports activities.

More than ever, I am filled with hope for the future and excited how many more people we can help.

Lara Z.

Former Yoga Business Owner

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