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Before LifeVantage, I was stuck wondering how I was going to be able to earn an income whilst still being able to be available for when my children needed me (they both have medical conditions which requires me to be available if/when they call).

When my good friend introduced me to this incredible opportunity I jumped at the chance.

What job could I do that I could choose my own hours and allow myself the “luxury” of working around my family instead of the other way around? My passion has always been good health and helping others, so this fit perfectly with what I was aligned to. So grateful and would love to help others see what I have seen.

Julie W.

Former Cruise Professional

Before LifeVantage I was struggling to find a way to make an income to help our family after retiring from Physical Therapy after a 20 year career and moving to another country.

I was introduced to this amazing team in October 2020 and truly believe everyone I know needs to know and understand this breakthrough of being able to activate our bodies for their health and well-being!

Been the best business decision to help others while bringing in an income allowing us to follow our dreams in buying a ranch and working from home

I set my own schedule to help others around the globe get healthier physically, financially & emotionally.

Candace F.

Former PT

I was building another Network Marking company back in 2001-2003, and through hard work and smart work I was able to earn a VERY high income which allowed me to invest in properties and semi-retire in Europe for the next 15 years.

Divorce/Life happens and I needed to to come back and start over from scratch. I tried the traditional business route and that was a bit of a financial disaster.

So I thought, I better go back to Network Marking. I had many companies to choose from to re-create my financial independence, and after careful consideration I choose LifeVantage, because:

1. Public company (transparency)
2. Products TRULY change lives
3. Scientific Validation
4. Unique Products, not commodities
5. Timing for growth. Perfect blend between stable and NEW.

That’s why I am dedicated to building my financial legacy with LifeVantage and I am proud to part of the journey.

Nick R.

Professional Networker / Property Investor

After 20 yrs in Health Research an industry I loved, led me to an absolutely dream job of looking after my grandson for 3yrs (beyond blessed with a 3rd ready to drop).

Life was chugging along fine until our family started noticing our father’s health slip, and we needed to support him by bringing him to our place, which was when I started looking for alternative (I call it traditional) options for my Dad and figure out how I was going to support him whilst also going back to my career.

To me, things happen in your life at the right time – Lifevantage came into my life and completely changed and supported not only my dad’s health, but our families.

I ended up retiring from my job and can now spend time with my family in different parts of the world.

Deb R.

Former Health Researcher

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition in 2015 that left me shattered, depressed and destroyed. Sadly I had given up. I wasn’t looking for a business, I wanted HOPE again.

LifeVantage was introduced to me and recaptured my excitement again for business.

It’s given me the freedom to travel, choose my hours and build a life by design. I’ve been traveling around Australia for the past 14 months in our motorhome, I now get to do what I want, when I want and with who I want.

It’s so fun making money while I sleep, waking up to new adventures in our caravan, and serving thousands of people through health and wellness – my true passion.

Helga D.


After a decade of ill health and long periods of stress, I was at the end of my rope. 

My body was overburdened, toxic from trying all these “health solutions” that were only draining my husbands hard earned money. Sure I was functioning, but I was unable to work and therefore unable to pay for those products myself. I barely had the energy to continue – except for the guilt and anger that I couldn’t contribute.

In late 2016 a friend introduced me to NRF2 Activation and it completely changed my life. I had an amazing product experience and discontinued all other health protocols – saving >$1,000 a month.

When I learned I could earn money sharing this, I decided to partner with lifeVantage.

Within the 6 months I was super profitable, and within 24 months my team was producing over $100,000 a month in sales. 

It gave my family a thriving income to survive during the 2 years of (nearly always) lockdown in Melbourne.

I am so so grateful.

Susan Y.

Fulltime Networker

After many years of working long hours in a corporate role, I started to feel unfulfilled and literally got burnt out. Physically and mentally both. It just felt like I was building someone else’s dream. Not MINE.  

In 2019 I made the shift when a close friend introduced LifeVantage to me, at a time when I was longing for a change in my career. Apart from the opportunity, I just fell in love with our heavily backed by science products which are world class and completely sold me.

Now I am continuing to enjoy the heart-centred leadership and the integrity of my tribe where everyone matters. I am so excited for my future. I help people all around the globe find a solution to their challenges in health and finances, building an international business wider and deeper.

And the rest as they say is History!

Pooja D. S.

Former Corporate Leader

LV is the perfect side hustle. In just a few years… I’ve used my supplemntal income to pay off over $48,000 in student loans, credit card and vehicle debt.

Now, the only debt I have is my mortgage and my LV income can pay monthly if something were to happen with my cleaning business.

Beyond financial… Team Heart has become family. This community loves on people and allows us to be ourselves, but also blossom. I’ll be forever grateful I said “yes!”

Angie C.

Cleaning Company Owner

LifeVantage and Team Heart has blessed us with a secondary income that has come in so handy. We are so thankful we have this opportunity to help and blessed others with better health and extra income.

We’ve been able to earn trips and travel to places like Cancun, Mexico that we wouldn’t have been able to go to otherwise.

And seeing what this product does in horses has been amazing!

Clint and Becky G.

Slot Machine Technician + FT Mom

Before LV, I had been tired, mentally drained and waking up sore and without energgy. Today I’m walk miles and miles each day, I sail and kayak – all with the help of these amazing products.

I had been around the industry for decades and after seeing how Team Heart stood out among the rest, it was a no brainer and a JOY to build the business.

The extra income has helped us invest more, buy a dream sail boat and spend more time with our grandbaibes.

Dena B.

Real Estate Investor, Professional Networker

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