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Before LifeVantage, I was close to retirement and looking for an ability to earn income sharing a product I was passionate about.

Because of the systems we have in Team Heart and supplemental income I built –  it allowed me to be a caregiver to my husband in his last few years of life. I had flexibility to spend more time with him without worrying about my bills and I’m forever grateful.

Patty R.

Former Realtor and Retail Manager

In 2015, I was living paycheck to paycheck and had $226 to my name. LifeVantage has not only allowed my husband and I to close our brick and mortar gyms, but now we work our businesses completely online whereever and whenever we want.

It’s helped us fund our investments including 4 new short-term rentals in Indiana and Florida plus we earned a *paid for* Jeep just for building my business.

Erika D.

Former Gym Manager/Owner

Coming out of very toxic divorces, we were facing debt and total physical and emotional exhaustion. I (Erik) found out about LifeVantage on FB through a friend and decided to try the products.

After a tremendous health transformation, I decided to start sharing my story. My wife (then fiance) joined me and we ran hard together and ranked advanced 10x together in less than 24 months.

We are now debt free and my beautiful bride Kristin was able to retire from Corporate to be a full-time mom and Team Heart rockstar!

Erik & Kristin R

Lead Implementation Cordinator

I joined LV when my maternity leave was nearly over. I dreaded leaving my babies at the sitter and heading back to work. My first goal was to make $20 a day, but within a few months I had replaced my fulltime income.

Being a Equine Therapist as well, I was blown away what this was doing in my horses. I went on to build huge business of horse owners, barrel races and other therapists because the results are undeniable.

This team, Team Heart, has the best mentorship and coaching. You can SHINE here.

Tanya P.

Former Hair Dresser, Salon Owner

Prior to joining Team Heart, I was in another Network Marketing company and watched my check dip 75% in a matter of months.

I was looking for a team with systems I could build using social meida. The retention and growth I’ve sene here has allowed me to be a full-time work from home Dogmom.

Team Heart has become my family, it’s a culture unmatched!

Tihane D.

Former Bartender + Cocktail Waitress

LV is the perfect side hustle. In just a few years… I’ve used my supplemntal income to pay off over $48,000 in student loans, credit card and vehicle debt.

Now, the only debt I have is my mortgage and my LV income can pay monthly if something were to happen with my cleaning business.

Beyond financial… Team Heart has become family. This community loves on people and allows us to be ourselves, but also blossom. I’ll be forever grateful I said “yes!”

Angie C.

Cleaning Company Owner

I joined Team Heart at the times we were financially broken. But my husband and I were working full-time but still making less than what our bills were.

Within 6 months I was able to turn things around. Extra money I was making allowed me to drop my part time job and have more freedom to spend time with family.

Now it’s helping us pay for pretty amazing vacations and travel the world creating lasting memories.

Ana S.

Medical Coder

Before LV, I had been tired, mentally drained and waking up sore and without energgy. Today I’m walk miles and miles each day, I sail and kayak – all with the help of these amazing products.

I had been around the industry for decades and after seeing how Team Heart stood out among the rest, it was a no brainer and a JOY to build the business.

The extra income has helped us invest more, buy a dream sail boat and spend more time with our grandbaibes.

Dena B.

Real Estate Investor, Professional Networker

LifeVantage and Team Heart has blessed us with a secondary income that has come in so handy. We are so thankful we have this opportunity to help and blessed others with better health and extra income.

We’ve been able to earn trips and travel to places like Cancun, Mexico that we wouldn’t have been able to go to otherwise.

And seeing what this product does in horses has been amazing!

Clint and Becky G.

Slot Machine Technician + FT Mom

Once I saw the power of NRF2 activation and the biohacking technology LifeVantage offered, I knew I had to bring this to my loved ones and clients.

Although my health practice is number one, I love the leverage that LifeVantage gives me and the extra money allowed me to help get my business off the ground in the beginning. In a matter of months, on a very part time basis – I built up a LV team that now does over $150,000+ a year in sales.

The culture in Team Heart is unmatched. I truly am home here.

Allyssa L.

Holistic Health Practitioner

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